Evolution of the BBNJ Informal Dialogue Platform

From February 2023, the “High Seas Treaty Dialogues” will evolve into a multi-year informal Track 1.5 platform “BBNJ Informal Dialogues” will continue to advance progress toward the finalization of an agreement and progress pre- and post-entry into force of the agreement.

21 virtual dialogues and 6 in person dialogues will be organized between January 2023 and December 2026.

The continued platform will include an Advisory Committee, Ad hoc Committee and a Consultative Network.

The Advisory Committee: will comprise select representatives from government, UN Member State regional groups and leading marine/ocean conservation organizations. The committee will meet regularly to plan the substance and details of the BBNJ Informal Dialogues. 

The Ad hoc Committee: will be convened to work on time-bound issues in support of the BBNJ informal Track 1.5 dialogues. Composition and tasks of the Ad hoc Committee will change over time.

Consultative Network: will include a wide group of representatives from government, civil society, and the private sector as well as scientists, economists and academics. It will meet three times a year to discuss crucial and timely issues related to the adoption, entry into force and implementation of the BBNJ agreement.